Checkups + Cleanings

pacifica girl doing dental checkups in mirror

To keep your smile its best and brightest, Rockaway Beach Dental recommends regularly scheduled dental checkups at least twice a year. We understand that life can become busy, but the team at Rockaway Beach Dental Center offers the best dental checkups in Pacifica.

Our dental team helps to eliminate problems before they start. Please call our office today to schedule a dental checkup!

What you can expect

We care about your dental health, and our hygienists and doctors will inquire about your oral history to form an overall picture of your dental needs. This can include past treatments or conditions that can affect your current dental health. Some topics to be addressed:

  • Whether you feel pain or discomfort
  • The date of your last dental checkup
  • Activity level (including impact sports)
  • Personal habits & choices (eating, smoking, drinking, etc.)

Next your gums will be analyzed for inflammation, most commonly due to the buildup of bacteria. Underneath your gum line is home to many germs, and if left untreated can cause infections and abscesses. Completing dental checkups twice a year can isolate problems not yet seen or felt by the patient.

Special mirrors and tools can help your dentist check for “pockets”, which are areas around the gum line that have grown puffy from inflammation. These pockets act as an incubator for germs, and only a professional cleaning can remove and effectively treat them.

Will I have to get X-rays? Are they safe?

Modern X-rays use ultra-low levels of radiation, making routine dental X-rays safe. All of our patients require X-rays at some point, and these digital images capture what our eyes and instruments can’t discover on their own. Every patient’s needs differ; some people require X-rays more than once a year to better monitor their conditions.

I already had a checkup this year, do I really need another one?

For most of our patients, yes. Proper brushing and flossing is imperative to a healthy mouth, but thorough dental checkups and cleanings clear your teeth of plaque and tartar, substances impossible to remove at home.

Scheduling and completing checkups twice a year can keep your mouth healthy and happy. A quick call to our Pacifica office can lead you on the path to better dental health, with the most comprehensive dental checkups in San Mateo County.